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Amazing Teak Indoor Furniture Designs for Living Room

Everyone wants their living room to look gorgeous. Choosing the best furniture items to fill up this room is one of the most important parts. Teak living room furniture is worth investing in if you want to upgrade the room’s look. Any furniture that is made of this wood will be resilient amidst extreme environmental changes. It will stay with the family for years to come. The wood also has its own natural charm. To beautify your living room, great furniture design is an essential flare.

Great Teak Indoor Furniture Designs for the Living Room

Here are some amazing furniture designs that will improve the look of an ordinary living room. First is retro. Indonesian furniture made of teak wood tends to favor retro design. Retro vibe is palpable in the way furniture is shaped. You can see it in certain furniture, such as armchair. Chair with big round arms made of teak is a popular product from this design. Bulky tables are also often found in this theme. To improve the retro vibe, furniture items are usually paired with printed fabrics is geometric or polka dot pattern. Retro look is definitely a timeless theme.

Then, contemporary teak living room furniture is also rising in popularity nowadays. This type of design looks chic without having to try too hard. It is a style in the middle of modern and classic ages. The furniture shape is not too intricate. Everything is kept simple and functional. The color schemes chosen for this living room design are neutral. It is clear in the natural finish of teak wood and other supporting items. The placement of furniture is contemporary living room also tends to be sparse.

Furthermore, Scandinavian style teak indoor furniture is actually not too far off from contemporary furniture in term of objective. It promotes minimalism with heavy emphasize on functionality. The design of teak wood furniture in Scandinavian style will have clean cut and geometrical shape. The furniture items tend to be in moderate size instead of being bulky. Natural color of teak wood will be combined with cool color tones such as white and blue.

Moreover, if you are looking for cozy living room, you should consider getting country style teak indoor furniture items. Like retro furniture, this furniture style is seen in bulky pieces. There will be many armchairs and sofas with plush upholstery. The tables, cabinets, and other furniture items are also designed to be substantial. The color choices that dominate such living room have earthy tones, such as brown. Homeowner will want to spend all day in this living room.

Then, ethnic style is furniture that people will never cease to be amazed by. Indonesia furniture crafter are known to be producing handmade teak wood furniture with interesting ethnic designs. The tradition is called ukir and can be found in various locations around the country. The great thing about it is that every design has its own meaning. Such furniture pieces will be able to add character to your living room. Visitors will be amazed by your room’s unique charm.

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