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Check What It Takes To Create a Picture-Perfect Gallery Wall

Transforming and revamping your home doesn’t have to be about expensive interior investments. Interior designers and home experts have been toying with varied ideas, one of which about the gallery wall. Creating a wall that gets thousands of likes on Instagram is easy, as long as you have a few trending ideas in mind.

Start with a layout

Finding a layout for the gallery wall is the obvious first step of the process. Gone are days when wall prints had to be in certain order. Today, it is more about balancing lines and using different heights, for which can find bunch of ideas online, in home décor magazines and even on Instagram. Having a theme or design in mind just helps in shopping for the other things.

Plan your theme

The gallery wall needs to have a theme – Period. You don’t want to use a bunch of colors that are confusing to onlookers. You can go for framed wall prints, but be sure of the shades on display. Also, the theme can relate to a particular aspect – Some people prefer having family photos, while others are more interested in travel images.

Measure like a pro

Before designing the gallery wall, take a moment to measure everything. Where would want the frames to sit? Do you have any issues with the wall alignment? Check if any of the elements seem out of place in the layout, and make sure to mark it all on the wall with the help of a pencil. If possible, place all the prints and frames on the bed and to get an idea of the final look before drilling holes.

More than the pictures

You need to ensure that the frames used for the photo gallery wall stands out. It is best to stick to one color, so that it works in contrast with the wall. In case of artwork, get ones that are already framed, so that you don’t have to do the hard work. It is also necessary that you decide the focal point of the wall by thinking of the largest frame or wall art. Also, check if you need shelves, which can be used to display things without damaging the wall.

Get the accessories

From a large skeleton clock to something totally different like a frame with a collage of personal images, you will need accessories for the wall. Play around with shapes to get the perfect illusion effect that reflects from a distance.

Select the prints wisely

Home experts often use watercolor prints for their walls. A good example of that would be Adelene Fletcher prints, which are available online. The idea is to select a theme that’s an impression of your personal taste and choices. Some of the cityscapes by Adelene Fletcher are worth admiring.

One of the better choices also include Anthony Waller prints. The right kind of art can transform any boring wall into a space worth admiring, and it doesn’t have to be about expensive budgets at all.

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