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How To Pick Home Interior Colours Like a Pro

Your houses become homes when you have a comfortable and safe space that belongs to you and your loved ones. One of the cheapest methods to revamp your home is painting. While painting your exteriors is recommended and you are really tight on budget, split up your works and do them part by part. So interiors are the choice when it comes to making a statement. Hiring interior house painters are a viable option but an interior designer isn’t.

Here are some tips to help you decide and renovate your home interiors like a pro.

Contemplate what you already have.

As always you will always have parts of the house that you can’t easily change or some that really strike a chord with your homely feeling. Take them and write it down.

Pull in colours from your existing schemes

Some of the parts to consider are your flooring which is often not as easy to change. But incorporating the colour scheme with your flooring and existing furniture is the best way to go about it. Also, consider heirlooms you can’t part with and other carpets or rugs that you may own.

Consider your home style

Another factor to help get inspired is the architecture and era of your home to help go online and get ideas of colours and schemes used. This will give you ideas of colours that go and incorporate with what you have on your existing written scheme you have going.

Size matters

Considering the size of your rooms and interiors is another factor which should be considered before finalizing your colour schemes. Lighter colours on the walls and ceilings are the best choices to make your rooms look larger and a similar principle is applicable to the ceiling as well. While darker tones and mixes offer different moods to the particular interiors. A good method to incorporate a dark colour is to make feature wall and adding lighter tones of the colour to the rest of room giving it a wonderful finish.

Choose your scheme

Once you have a general idea of the colours you need and like, it’s time to make sure your colours tie nicely around the whole house and try to avoid a lot of colours in various rooms but keep a general scheme all around. A money saving hack is to repurpose old furniture with a new coat of paint making them blend into the new colour scheme.

Bring drama and finishing touches

Adding a bold and bright colour to otherwise pulled in colour scheme will emphasize and bring in an element of fun. Always listen to your heart and remember some rules are to be broken and when it comes to your home, it always your choice.

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