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Solar Energy Systems: Maintenance Tips

We are all turning away from fossil burning energy in a bid to undo the untold damage that human behaviour has already caused the planet, and if you are thinking of installing a state-of-the-art solar panel system, here are a few tips on good maintenance.

  1. Cleaning the Solar Panels – According to research, a dirty solar panel is approximately 7.5% less effective, as dirt and grime creates a layer on top of the panel that interferes with the sunlight collection. There is very affordable solar panel cleaning in Perth from a local company that specialises in all forms of rooftop cleaning, including solar panels, and with regular cleaning, your output will always be high.
  2. No Shade – Your solar panels should not be located where they will be shaded, as this reduces the ability to turn sunlight into electricity, and the solar panel installer would look for a location that gets the sun all year round. Even a few hours of shade per day is enough to compromise the efficiency of the solar panels, so make sure that the panels are not fixed in a location that has shade.
  3. Avoid Using Abrasive Tools or Solutions – Solar panels are best cleaned with mild, soapy water and should be dried after the clean. It is very easy to clean solar panels with a long-handled squeegee, the tool that window cleaners use, and avoid anything with any abrasive qualities, as this could damage the panels.
  4. Monitor Energy Production – You can buy an energy monitor that will keep you informed of your solar energy system’s efficiency, and over time you can see when there is a drop in output, which might be due to a few cloudy days, or perhaps it is a sign that something isn’t right. After a few months, you can create an energy efficiency chart and see how you are saving compared to using grid electricity.
  5. Deep Cycle Batteries – Good quality deep cycle batteries last for many years, and with some Vaseline applied to the terminals, you can prevent corrosion. Deep cycle batteries should be configured in strings, and not more than three to a string, which is something the installation team would know. Batteries should be protected from the sun, and you should bring the batteries up to full charge within a 3-week period, otherwise some of the cells might lose some capability. Over discharging can seriously damage a deep cycle battery, which should never be allowed to fully discharge, and there should be a manual that comes with the system when it is installed.

Regular cleaning is very important, and if you are not confident with climbing on the roof, there are specialist firms that will clean all of your solar panels and you can have them do this on a regular basis; perhaps once or twice a month. If you invest in a high-quality solar panel system, then with a little maintenance, you can enjoy many years of trouble-free service.

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