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Useful Electrical Safety Tips to Protect Your Property

If you don’t take steps to secure your home, electrical safety can be a big issue. Year after year we read about tragic events such as electrical fires that unfold in households up and down the country. These disasters often claim many lives and destroy residential homes and commercial businesses. In general, we are safe as long as we maintain our electrical systems and call a professional when needed. Qualified electrical contractors in Leeds always recommend calling an expert when it comes to dealing with any home improvements which require electrical repair, installation or maintenance.

Why Not Save Money & DIY?

Many DIY projects are easy to do, you don’t need much experience to lay a driveway or build a small garden shed. Electrical projects are a different matter, if you don’t get things done right, you put your family and your home at risk.

To ensure you are safe in your home, we suggest that you don’t try any of these tasks without professional help:

  • Tamper with or try to repair any electrical appliances
  • Change a power point or light switch
  • Replace a plug on a lead
  • Fit your own electrical wiring
  • Switch any pre-existing electrical wiring

Aside from DIY projects, here are some other important safety tips to keep in mind at home.

  • If you’ve kids, be sure to use child-proof plugs to prevent accidents.
  • Minimise the use of extension cords.
  • Never leave appliances on and unattended.
  • Never piggyback a double adapter.

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